During the 80's the city of Naples and its province started to know a new kind of music: neomelodica!

Since then this music genre stuck with the city, and its popularity never hit a standstill. It flourished so much to the point it was able to establish a billionaire business with its own identity, completely independent from the schemas and interests of the main music labels.

Hundreds of eclectic neighborhood artists are constantly releasing music, supported by an extensive web of writers, recording studios and radio/tv stations.

All this happens in an extremely small environment: indeed, neomelodic songs are hardly capable of reaching beyond the boundaries of the province of Naples, because they tell about those people, the way they live, so different than conventional stereotypes, and so "only Neapolitan".

In a scenery that recalls the causality dilemma of the chicken or the egg, it is hard to understand who was born first: the need of a new genre of popular music for the use and consumption of the Neapolitan population or if it was neomelodic music itself to shape and nourish its own audience.

Shot between 2015 and 2018
Published by Mouvement (FR)