Commissioned work for Socialter on the avangard Neapolitan political scene. July, 2018

Commissioned work for Mouvement on Neomelodic music in Naples. March, 2018

Commissioned work for Internazionale on the new Neapolitan music. February, 2018

Commissioned work for the Italian magazine Pagina99 on Christian Expo, the first meeting of Italian evangelist churches in Italy. September, 2017

Interview for GUP magazine “Broken but still working: an interview with Carlo Rainone” on the work I am carrying on in Naples. January, 2017

Interview for VICE “Neomelodici e neoborbonici: Napoli vista dal fotografo Carlo Rainone” on the work I am carrying on in Naples. November, 2016

"Viva 'o Rre" is published on Internazionale. October, 2016

"Viva 'o Rre" is published on TIME Lightbox. August, 2016

The Borbone family portrait from my story "Viva 'o Rre" on the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
The article covers the dispute between the two branches of the family for the headship of the dynasty. June the 6th, 2016

Cover for the third issue of the magazine AWM entirely dedicated to Naples. The photo is taken from the series "Viva 'o Rre". June, 2016