“Neapolitans are today a big tribe who, instead of living in the desert or in the savannah, live in the belly of a great port city. This tribe has decided to die out, by rejecting the new power, that is, what we call history or modernity.”
(Pier Paolo Pasolini)

        In 1861, after years uniting Southern Italy under one flag, the Kingdom of Two Sicilies disappeared completely from geographic maps, melting with its Northern counterpart and giving birth to the modern Italian peninsula. The royal Bourbon family, that had been ruling the kingdom for years, was forced to flee from those territories, and an entire population suddenly found itself with neither a capital nor a nation.

The new borders and the new identity were never truly assimilated, therefore, over the last decade characterized by a harsh economic and social crisis, many people have become interested in the history of the old kingdom and departed on cultural trips to find their roots.

Napoli, its old capital, dove into the rediscovery of the real meaning of "being neapolitan", while at the same time with the thriving admiration for the glorious Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a growing number of neapolitans are dreaming of a South autonomous and independent.

Shot in 2016
Published by Time Lightbox (USA) and Internazionale (IT)